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The story of Pilates began over 90 years ago with German-born Joseph Pilates. He spent his lifetime creating exercises to strengthen the body and to improve overall health. Through an almost endless array of manuevers and exercises, Pilates addresses the whole body, including flexibility, stability, stamina, and strength. Whether you approach Pilates on the floor with a mat or on a Reformer bed, a popular Pilates innovation that enables participants to use resistance and balance to target areas of need or weakness, anyone can benefit from this approach to fitness. That is why Pilates' legacy endures today and his methods remain more popular than ever.

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Lavender Pilates Testimonials

"Robin is so positive and inspiring.  She makes your workout therapeutic while achieving great strength and toning results at the same time!  She has really helped me to fine-tune my body and always takes personal needs/injuries into account in my workouts." 

"I've only been doing pilates for a short time and I'm already starting to feel the difference in my overall well being and strength. With Robin's encouragement and excellent teaching skills I go on the reformer with much more confidence each week. I have become addicted to how good I feel,  and how I've learned to connect into my body's strength. I have tried many other exercise routines and have learned different things from each class but it's Robin who has had the biggest impact on my fitness. Her ability to vocalize and demonstrate enables you to picture the way pilates is suppose to be done. Her ability to get you to do things you thought were impossible is even more astonishing! She can watch your body and knows it's ready to move on even when your mind doubts it. I truly believe that is her true gift.  She will lift your spirits and brighten your life.  Give LAVENDER PILATES a try and you will be forever grateful." 

"I LOVE pilates with Robin.  She is enthusiastic, creative, encouraging, and knows how to make pilates fun.  After a few sessions with Robin, you will be addicted and want more!"

"Training with Robin has changed my life. I feel strong and full of energy now. And each session flies by because it is so much fun! You won't find a better teacher-Robin is the absolute best!!"

"I have steadfastly stayed away from exercise classes my entire life. When my daughter encouraged me to try pilates 18 months ago, I came to Robin for her reformer lessons. I have stayed because Robin makes each hour fun and rewarding with her enthusiasm and expertise and also because I have not had one day of back pain since my first lesson. Pilates is a gift I give myself twice each week!"

"Robin is simply the best at what she does. She consistently gives her clients an amazing workout. Perhaps even more importantly, she makes it fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough."